Mi Preferida 94.1 FM

Mi Preferida 94.1 FM
Country: El Salvador El Salvador

Mi preferida 94.1 FM is an online radio station that broadcasts in El Salvador. It attracts its listeners at the very moment they tune in. it has illustrated its programs schedule and style in a manner that excites you immediately you start listening. The radio and its programs are a beautiful attraction to all.

How it Operates

The radio station works fine with the Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox HTML5, and Safari browsers. Listening to the radio on different browsers helps if to connect when one fails, you try another. You can also try listening at different times if it keeps stopping or if it is very choppy.

Broadcasting time

The radio may not feature for 24-hours daily, and it is advisable to listen remotely as the radio may stop at different times. The airing may also rely on the country where the listener is, depending on the time zone.

TrendySter and Mi Preferida

TrendySter is a directory of music streaming stations. The online radio and music stations get various genres freely that are available on the web. It makes it easier for people looking for appropriate music or radio stations. You get to enjoy tuning in to your favourite station as well as making it fun and easy. The site respects the rights of the content owners and they only open links to external websites in new windows to the right media player. The users also get a better experience to interact with the site and report any emerging issue. You also get a right to give feedback or suggestions.

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How To Play This Online Radio Station?


Step 01: Click on the Stations name.

Step 02: Click on the Green Triangular Button.

Step 03: Wait for 10 to 20 seconds to fully load the streaming service. As it is an online radio; you may have to wait a bit or longer depending upon your location and data speed. It is worth mentioning that, not all the FM Radio stations stream their programs 24/7. So if you find any radio station unavailable; please check back later.

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