Radio Reloj Cuba

Radio Reloj Cuba
Country: Cuba Cuba

Keep A Tab On Current Events With Radio Reloj Cuba Live

The Radio Reloj Cuba Live is the leading radio station in Cuba. The radio channel runs live 24*7. It has been a one-stop source of all the happening in the country for the Cubans. The channel has a fan base in the adjacent countries as well.

The management group

The station is owned by a prestigious media company of Cuba called Instituto Cubano de Radio y Television. The radio Reloj is their flagship offering in the audio medium. But they run quite a few sister stations as well.  The stations like Radio Rebelde, Radio Taino, and CMBF Radio are also gaining momentum.

Live News

Being a 24*7 channel gives the Radio Reloj Cuba Live an edge over its competitors. They have a very unique style of delivering news; they deliver news with the music in the background unless they are delivering some sensitive news. They keep doing the innovative things on their news broadcast. Recently they have started to announce the names of twenty capital cities in the world. At times, they would announce the currency and local timings as well.

The scale

The Radio Reloj Cuba Live has been able to strengthen its foothold in the radio news broadcasting industry because of its scale. They have a huge network of reports in Cuba and other countries as well. Their tendency to report news from the ground makes them a credible source to access news. Also, they vastly cover the international news, almost fisty percent of the news items are of outside Cuba.

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How To Play This Online Radio Station?


Step 01: Click on the Stations name.

Step 02: Click on the Green Triangular Button.

Step 03: Wait for 10 to 20 seconds to fully load the streaming service. As it is an online radio; you may have to wait a bit or longer depending upon your location and data speed. It is worth mentioning that, not all the FM Radio stations stream their programs 24/7. So if you find any radio station unavailable; please check back later.

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