Radio Shalom Inter

Radio Shalom Inter

Radio Shalom Inter

Radio Shalom Inter (RSI) broadcasts life, hope, and love. It airs 24/7 over the internet on local radio sub-carrier 103.5 FM (SCA) with its extensive coverage in South Florida, Homestead, Dade, Broward up to West Palm Beach FL. We also broadcast over the phone on AudioNow (832) 551-5068

Purpose for existence

The purpose of the existence of RSI is to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ in a new way. We believe that when the word of life is broadcasted from this station, it will make a difference in the lives of the listeners.

The Concept

The concept of RSI Worldwide is to get rid of the use of a dedicated computer and listen to RSI online. The station works over WiFi internet anywhere in the world. Anyone can listen to the station from all over the world, whether in Europe, Africa, America or Asia.

Our Vision

To communicate the gospel through mass media, leading as many people as possible toward salvation and spiritual growth

Our Mission

To effectively communicate the gospel message to those who don't know or fully understand it. We do this through contemporary Christian music and short educational elements over the radio and the internet. We use modern-day language and the highest professional standards.

Our Appeal

We appeal to all good wishers to put your hands together with us to preach the gospel. You can become our friend with a gift of $100 per month. We appreciate you by sending a monthly Shalom package, which includes anointed sermons, including 30 minutes GOGOTEL long distance prepaid minutes.

> Radio Shalom Inter is a broadcast radio station from Miami, FL, United States, providing Christian music and program. Radio Shalom Inter is a new way to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Phone: (305) 432-2052

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How To Play This Online Radio Station?


Step 01: Click on the Stations name.

Step 02: Click on the Green Triangular Button.

Step 03: Wait for 10 to 20 seconds to fully load the streaming service. As it is an online radio; you may have to wait a bit or longer depending upon your location and data speed. It is worth mentioning that, not all the FM Radio stations stream their programs 24/7. So if you find any radio station unavailable; please check back later.

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