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Wild West Old Time Radio Channel

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Know A Bit About Gunsmoke Radio

Gunsmoke is an American Western radio series which was launched in 1952 with its radio series from lasted up to 1962. It was owned by the Columbia Broadcasting System which is an English language commercial broadcast television and radio network, which started in 1929. It was originally launched in the United States of America.  It came up with two series, one of them was radio series and television series. The television series lasted up to 1955-1975, while the radio series was famous throughout Us, the radio was specifically famous for the radio series which lasted up to 9 seasons from 1952 up till 1961.

It is set around Dodge City Kansas, during the post-world war phase. One of the main characters during that time was Matt Dillon played by William Conrad as the show entitled Pagosa and his roles became a steppingstone in the popularity of Gunsmoke radio.

The main characters in the radio

  • William Conrad
  • Parley Baer
  • Howard Mcnear
  • Georgia Ellis.

The show was a success and it was not just the cast but also the writers, Norman MacDonnell and John Meston and produced by Norman MacDonnell. The complication arises which led to the downfall of the show was sue to Culver’s contract as the star of Straight Arrow which didn’t allow him to continue on other western series. The show was famous for its humor and critically acclaimed to show unprecedented realism. However, due to their interest in creating other western adult series, it stopped them to create more of this. Thus, the end of the Gunsmoke radio series.


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