Top 10 Cincinnati Radio Stations

The radio station was getting advanced day by day. There was the introduction of audios and thermionic valves, which is given by the English physicist in the year 1904 by John Ambrose Fleming. He also developed an oscillating valve which helped the flow of current in one direction. Here is the list of Top Cincinnati radio stations:
WKRC- WKRC is a commercial type of radio station of AM type and the owner pf this radio station is iHeartMedia and is only licensed to provide their services to Cincinnati, Ohio. It provides the broadcasting speed of 55KRC and uses the station to give a talk radio type of services. The studio of WKRC is in the Cincinnati on the Montgomery Road and has its transmitter in Cold Spring, Kentucky. In the day time, WKRC operates at 5000 watts and in the night at 1000 watts.


It has launched a new brand of it and the name of that brand is Newsradio 700 WLW. This is a commercial type of radio station which provides the services of news and talks to the people in the areas of Cincinnati, serves the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, maximum of the southern parts of Ohio. The owner of this radio station is iHeartMedia, Inc. It is also the clear-channel type of station along with the late-night shifts and they often identify themselves as The Big One.
Famous Artist
⦁ Jack Berch
⦁ Rosemary Clooney
⦁ Ruth Lyons
⦁ Wally Phillips


WNOP is located in the areas of Newport, Kentucky which is present near the Cincinnati area. This radio station provides and broadcasts their signals for the Catholic community of the Cincinnati and for the archdiocesan base. This radio is an affiliate for many of the EWTN radios for a maximum of its programs. From the times it was launched, it served as a jazz station for bait 38 years but from 1992 to 1994, they served as the affiliate for the CNN Headline News.


WPFB is the radio station, which deals with the broadcast of the Catholic program. This radio station used to broadcast adult album alternative format in the early days and was named as WNKU. This radio station has the license to serve the people of the United States, Middletown, serves the area of Dayton and Ohio. The owner of this radio station is Sacred Heart Radio, Inc, this broadcasts in the present time WNOP 740 AM, and this is licensed in the Newport, Kentucky. WPFB was sold to the Sacred Heart Radio in the year 2006, this was the radio station that deals with the religious talk on their radio station, and this is present in Norwood, Ohio.


WGRI broadcasts the Urban Gospel type of format and provides its services to places like Ohio, Cincinnati, and in the United States. The owner of this radio station is the Christian Broadcasting System, Ltd. In the year 1947 on 5 October, this station was at extreme heights and was having the name as WZIP. This station switched its name, moved to WCVX, and changed its slogan to Victory 1050, and all this was done in the year 2006 on 11 February. The WCVX services of call letters and Christian radio format was sent to the 1160 AM and all this was done on 1 February 2013.


WCVX is an AM type of radio station and has the license for the places like Florence, Kentucky, which is present in the metropolitan area of Cincinnati. The Christian Broadcasting System owns this radio station and this system asks for the Christian radio format. This radio station is having its radio studios and offices in the Cincinnati and on West Seventh Street and has its transmitters in Fowler Creek Road, which is in Florence. WCVX uses a directional antenna for providing the signals and has a variation in its power supply. In the daytime, they provide 5000 watts and in the night, it is reduced and provided with 990 watts.


WDBZ is a radio station that serves the following places and that is Ohio and Cincinnati, which use to broadcast its services at 1230 AM. This radio station uses the format of urban talk and provides them to the people. The radio station starts its urban talk when the Lincoln Wave Show is displayed in parallel to this. These services are off on the weekdays and are available on days except the weekdays from the time 10:00 am and noon.


WCVG is the radio station which is serving the people of Kentucky, Ohio market, Covington, and the Cincinnati. This radio station operates with a power of 500 watts during the daytime and 430 watts during the. Nighttime and this entire are handled from the Latonia Shopping Centre, which is in Covington. The day time signal is similar to the figure-8 and is a directional type of signal and the night time is always pointing toward the south and west direction and does not explain much about Ohio.


WSAI is an AM type of radio station and they broadcast the things in Cincinnati, Ohio. The owner of this radio station is iHeartMedia. The studios are under iHeartMedia and they are ruled by the other stations in Cincinnati. They are built just next to the Towers of Kenwood, which are built just next to the I-71 in the Kenwood section.


WMOH, radio station is the station that delivers, broadcasts two types of things and that is, first is the news or talks are mixed and second is the sports talk. They also provide their services to the places like Ohio, Cincinnati, Hamilton, and the United States.


With the final words, we conclude that here is the detailed information about the different Cincinnati Radio Stations and we covered almost all the aspects including the famous radio artist and shows.

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