Top 10 Michigan Radio Stations

Music is a great way to unwind and relax. Radio offers a wide range of genres of music to listen to and widens the listeners’ music base and offers something new for you to listen, every time. Radio is also useful to catch up on the latest happenings around you, as it also broadcasts news and information. Radio fanatics, listen up! Here are 10 of

Michigan radio stations you should tune in to today

WGRD 97.9

WGRD FM is based in Grand Rapids. It is owned by Townsquare Media. The radio station is branded as ‘97.9 WGRD’ and its slogan is ‘Rocks!’ This station first aired in 1962 with the call sign WXTO and was operated by Aquinas College.
⦁ First aired in 1962, owned by Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids as WXTO.
⦁ Taken over in 1971 by Top 40 music stations, changed to WGRD.
⦁ Known as 98 Rocks WGRD in 1985.
Popular Shows-
Free Beer and Hot Wings show starring Gregg Daniel, Chris Michels, Joe Gassmann, Steve McKiernan.

WLHT 95.7

WLHT is owned by Townsquare Media, based in Grand Rapids. Its FM frequency is 95.7 and is branded as ‘Mix 95.7.’ Its slogan is ‘Today’s Variety.’ It was first aired on February 26, 1962. It broadcasts a hot adult contemporary (AC) format of music. Its call sign stands for ‘light music’ which was its previous format.
⦁ Signed on as WKLW in 1962.
⦁ Changed to WZZM FM in the mid-1960s.
⦁ Changed to CHR format in 1971.
⦁ Changed to Top 40/Oldies format in 1972.
⦁ Changed to rock format in 1977 as WZZR.
⦁ Switched to adult contemporary in 1984 as WLHT.
⦁ Shifted to Hot AC format in 2009.
Popular hosts-
⦁ Connie Kellie for Morning Drive.

WBFX 101.3

WBFX 101.3 is owned and operated by iHeart Media. It broadcasts a mainstream rock format. It serves the area of Grand Rapids in Michigan. The radio station is branded as ‘101.3 The Brew’ and its slogan is ‘The Brew Rocks.’ It first aired in 1962, nearly 58 years ago.
⦁ Signed on in 1962 as WMAX FM.
⦁ Switched to soft rock/adult contemporary format in 1976 as WMLW.
⦁ Switched to album-oriented rock format in 1978 as WFFX ‘The Fox.’
⦁ Changed to a country music format in 1980 as WCUZ.
⦁ Changed to classic rock format in 2000 as WBFX.
⦁ Switched to mainstream rock format in 2009.
⦁ Roy’s Morning Glory hot talk
⦁ Full Metal Jackie

WITL 100.7

WITL FM is licensed to Lansing in Michigan. It serves areas like Lansing, Ingham, Eaton, Clinton in Michigan. It broadcasts in a country music format. The radio station was aired for the first time in the year 1961 with the call sign WMRT. It is branded as ‘100.7 WITL’ and the slogan is ‘Today’s Best Country.’ It is owned by Townsquare Media.
⦁ First aired on June 26, 1961, as WMRT FM.
⦁ Changed call sign to WITL in 1966.
⦁ Adopted full-time country music format in 1967.
Popular Shows-
⦁ Lansing’s #1 For New Country
⦁ Workdays with Jess on the Job
⦁ Banana Don and Stephanie McCoy
⦁ Taste of Country Nights
Popular DJs-
⦁ Chris Tyler
⦁ Evan Paul
⦁ Amber Atnip
⦁ Banana Don
⦁ Stephanie McCoy

WFUR 102.9

WFUR FM is a Michigan radio station that broadcasts Christian contemporary music along with Bible teaching programs. Its FM frequency is 102.9. It is licensed to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It first aired in the year 1960. William Kuiper was the founder of WFUR. It is owned by Furniture City Broadcasting. It is a Christian radio of religious format. It offers teaching programs, traditional hymns, Christian classics, and newer contemporary hits.
⦁ Discover the Word
⦁ Hymns for Inspiration
⦁ Let My People Think with Ravi Zacharius

WMMQ 94.9

WMMQ is licensed to East Lansing, Michigan. It is owned by Townsquare Media. Its FM frequency is 94.9 and broadcasts a classic rock format. Present-day WMMQ first started broadcasting in 1963, in Charlotte, Michigan. It is branded as ‘Classic Rock 94.9’ and its slogan says ‘Lansing’s Classic Rock.’
⦁ Signed on as WCER FM in 1963.
⦁ The call sign changed to WMMQ in 1979.
Popular shows-
⦁ All Request Saturday Night with Wally Londo
⦁ Ultimate Classic Rock
Popular DJs-
⦁ Duran Martinez
⦁ Uncle Joe Benson
⦁ Joey Pants
⦁ Maitlynn Mossolle

WKQI 95.5

WKQI 95.5 FM is based in Detroit, Michigan. It is owned and operated by iHeart Media. It is branded as ‘Channel 955’ and its slogan says ‘Detroit’s #1 Hit Music Station.’ It broadcasts a Top 40/CHR format. The radio station first aired on February 12, 1949.
⦁ Began as a classical outlet in 1949, as WLDM.
⦁ The call sign changed to WCZY FM in 1978.
⦁ Moved to adult contemporary format in 1981.
⦁ Changed to Z95.5 in 1984.
⦁ Changed to WKQI in 1989.
Popular shows-
⦁ iHeart Radio Countdown
⦁ On the Move with Enrique Santos
⦁ Joey Radio
⦁ Mojo in the Morning

WBCT 93.7

It is based in Grand Rapids and is owned by iHeart Media. Its broadcast area is Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Lansing. It is a commercial radio station with the branding ‘B-93’ and slogan ‘Michigan’s #1 for New Country.’ It first aired in October 1951.
⦁ It started in 1951 as WJEF FM.
⦁ Switched to news/talk/sports format in the mid-1960s as WJFM.
⦁ Became music-intensive in 1967.
⦁ Changed to Top 40 format in 1977.
⦁ Changed to adult contemporary format in 1978.
⦁ Switched to a country music format in 1992 as WBCT.

WDVD 96.3

WDVD is based in Detroit. It broadcasts a hot adult contemporary music format. Its FM frequency is 96.3. It is owned by Cumulus Media. Its slogan it ‘Today’s Best Music and More’ and is branded as ‘96.3 WDVD.’ It first aired on June 1, 1948, under the call sign WJR FM. The current call sign stands for Detroit’s Variety Destination.
⦁ Signed on as WJR FM in 1948.
⦁ Changed to hot hits format as WHYT in 1982.
⦁ Switched to modern adult contemporary as WPLT in 1997.
⦁ Adopted hot adult contemporary as WDVD in 2001.

WNIC 100.3

WNIC is a commercial Michigan FM radio station based in Dearborn. It broadcasts an adult contemporary radio format and is owned by iHeart Media. It switched to all Christmas music during November-December every year. Its FM frequency is 100.3, is branded as ‘100.3 WNIC’ and its slogan is ‘The Best Variety of the 80s, 90s and Today.’ It aired for the first time in December 1946 as WKMH. Its current call sign stands for We’re Nicest music.

There are 10 of Michigan’s noteworthy radio stations. These have immensely contributed to the music scene in Michigan and are a part of its culture and history. Stay in, chill out and enjoy the tunes these Michigan radio stations have to offer, and you’re surely going to have a good time!

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