Top Radio Stations in Dallas

Top 10 Radio Stations In Dallas

Radio is linked with the transmission of networks from one place to another through the medium of Radio waves. You can take the help of wires as well as radio waves for transmission.
There are some countries like Dallas Radio stations that have the most efficient radio stations that are fulfilled with the features and specifications.KAAM- KAAM is also known as K-Double-A-M. This is an AM type of radio station and provides its services to places like Dallas or Fort Worth “Metroplex”. They play Christian talks and Brokered programming on their radio for the people. They have the license to serve their services to the people of Texas, Garland, and the United States also. The owner and the operator of this radio station are DJRD Broadcasting, LLC. KAAM lies in the category of Class B as it is operated on the frequency of 770 ARE with the proper clear channel. The format of KAAM was started in the year 1978 by the city of Dallas and this was too because they sold their WRR station which used to operate on 1310 kHz of frequency.
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⦁ Jim Thomas
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KAND is a type of radio station that serves the places with their services, the places are Waxahachie, Corsicana, and Ennis, and New Century Broadcasting owns this station. They deliver the country music to the people and the Texas State Network and CBS News observe a home for the Corsicana High School Tigers and for the Navarro College of bulldogs that play football and all this from the news that is obtained. At the nighttime and also during the weekends, this radio station used to deliver sports programs for the Fox Sports Radio and all this was in the year 2008 on 11 July.


KAWA is the radio station that delivers contemporary Christian music for the people and is located in Dallas, Texas. It is owned and also operated by the Way-FM Network station with the help of Way Media, Inc. and broadcasts the 89.7 FM to the public. To remain in the list for the radio stations when KAWA was working under the Research Educational Foundation, Inc., which is a non-funded and non-profitable company, it did two fundraising drives. It broadcast the signal at the power of 1400 watts and this is done from the tower named Sanger, Texas.


KBDT is a radio station that is located in the Highland Park, Texas, and serves the Dallas or Fort Worth Metroplex. The owner of this radio station at present is Dallas Broadcasting, LLC and this is operated under the guidance of 1160 Investments LLC. With the 1160 kHz of frequency, it provides the power of 35000 watts to the people at the time of day, and during the night time; it is reduced to 1000 watts. It is also a clear channel frequency of the United States.


KBEC is a type of terrestrial radio station and is a Classic Texas Country and this relays on the FM translator. They also provide their services to the people of the places like Johnson, Tarrant countries of the northern areas of the central Texas of the place, Ellis, and Kaufman and the southern part of Dallas. The owner of this radio station is Troubadour Communications, LLC. The three people buy this radio station in the year 2011 in July and the name of those people are Jeanne Mosley, general manager Ken Roberts, and Sandra Howell.


KBFB is a radio station that provides the services of Urban Contemporary format and this is present in the Dallas or Fort Worth and is completely based on this. The owner of this radio station is Radio 1 and its sister KZMJ shares this. The exact location of these studios is Galleria Area, which is present in North Dallas, and this station has its transmitters located in Cedar Hill. The hosts of this radio are Veda Loca who mainly handles the morning shows and runs a show named Morning on this radio station.


KCBI is located in the areas of Dallas or Fort Worth and broadcasts the FM contemporary Christian music on the station for the people. They transmit a signal that has 90.9 FM in it and the owner of this radio station is First Dallas Media Inc. The KCBI started its signal from the antenna of First International Building that is in the downtown of Dallas. This radio station provides the power of 1500 watts to the people after reaching the height of 660 feet that be above the terrain. This radio station was started in the year 2012 and was started to teach the Christian and they are finding the Christian teachers to teach the people.


KCLE is a type of commercial radio station and an AM one. It has its services in places like Burleson, Texas, which as collectively serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The owner of this radio station is Torn Dinah Do with the help of a licensee by Intel, LLC. They broadcast the signals for the Vietnamese language based music and a talk that is based on the California language for the people using its services. It got its first license in the year 1922 and is one of the oldest stations that exist in Texas.


KDGE is a commercial type of radio station that exists in the areas of Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, and has the license to serve them. The ownership of this radio station is with iHeartMedia and is operated under this only. They have a format of broadcasting the signal and the name of the format is Mainstream Adult Contemporary.


KDMX is a radio station that is branded as “102.9 now” and it provides its services to the areas of Dallas as well as to Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas. At present, the owner of this radio station is iHeartMedia, Inc. and it operated by this only.


With the final words, we conclude that Dallas Radio stations are the most popular radio stations. We have discussed them in detail and hope that you will understand all the aspects of a radio station.

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