Top Radio Stations in Florida

Top 10 Radio Stations in Florida

The Orlando radio station was launched and final radio station which exists in America as the name of KDKA since 1920.secondly; this is the first commercially licensed radio station as well. More or less we all love to be entertained sometime and radio station is the oldest and ultimate till now with its great entertaining technology. This radio station gains huge popularity for its authentic connection to their community. The second thing is their great creativity which indulges its listeners. So let’s go to know about the Orlando radio stations you must hear to cheer up your day is given below.

  1. WXXL
  2. WMMO
  3. WTKS-FM
  4. WPYO
  5. WOMX-FM
  6. WPOZ
  7. WUCF
  8. WCFB
  9. WTLN
  10. WPYO


WXXL is one of the top radio stations of Orlando which first started to broadcast its channel in 1969 to establish them well. The WXXL radio station becomes beneficial to the huge section of people to entertain them and also to cheer up them at the frequency of 106.7 MHz


In the mid of 1980s, someone hosted the morning show in this channel which gained huge popularity to its listener. Especially it attracts the youth. The name of that guy was Rick Stacy. After that, with time some problems arise which damaged the base of its regular listener and almost spoil the channel.

⦁ Adult Rock 
⦁ Hip Hop music 
⦁ WXXL first began in 1969 at the name of WLBE.
⦁ It became a separate station from 1990.
⦁ The Todd and Jayde Morning show.   
⦁ Johnny’s House.


WMMO is one of the top radio stations in Orlando. The WMMO radio station is available to the people at the frequency of 98.9 MHz to entertain people with some hit classic or classic rock.


The Head of the corporation gives the FCC award to build this FM station as Orlando’s one of the top stations. Start from the 1980s, this is one of the big FM channels of Orlando.  

Popular DJs:
⦁ Denise Ryan 
⦁ Hildi
⦁ Joe Rock
⦁ A.J. Maguire 

⦁ Classic rocks 
⦁ Soft rock
⦁ Adult album rock 


The radio station is operated by iHeart media which belongs to Orlando, Central Florida. This radio station is licensed and FCC approved. WTKS radio station is generated by the cocoa beach city, Florida and it broadcast its channel from central Florida. The WTKS radio station will be availed to the county of the US is at 104.1 frequency rate.


In 1962, this radio station started its programming through its automated format. By term, it was called “jazz” since then. In 1980, it shifted to its adult contemporary format. with time its casting system got changed and added so many new things which help to take WTKS in this position today. 

⦁ The Monsters in the morning 
⦁ SBK life 
⦁ Buckethead show
⦁ The morning grind 
Top programs:
⦁ Alternative rock
⦁ The News Junkie
⦁ Corporate times 


WPYO is one of the hit radio stations that exists in Orlando, Florida. WPYO radio is rule by Cox radio which is contemporarily hit and the other thing which makes this radio station is on the top is its great broadcasting.

The previous name was WTLN which was a Christian outlet but WPYO radio station taken over by Cox enterprises in 1999. WPYO’S frequency levels are 95.3 MHz From 2018, WPYO maintaining its own branding and grab the power of attorney. Since then it gains huge popularity for the mixture of all kinds of rhythmic or hip hop songs.

⦁ Alternative rock.
⦁ Hip Hop music.


WOMX is Orlando’s one of the top commercial radio stations. WOMX radio station mainly covers up the eastern part of Florida. The frequency level of this station is 105.1 MHz. The most popular slogan of this channel is “Orlando’s best mix”.This WOMX-FM channel has so many popular programs and DJ shows, which indulge its listeners so long.

1967, it is first known as WWQS after signing it. First started it to get public attention winter park started to rule the channel. This station had a total of three former call signs since then.

⦁ The morning mix 

⦁ Sugar
⦁ Miss Independent 
⦁ All you wanted 
⦁ Drive-By 


WPOZ is known as another top commercial music radio station that broadcasts Christian music. The frequency rate of this radio station is 88.3 MHz
Important to all the radio stations to increase their signal strength. Poor signal always spoils the mood or interest to the specific show for whom you are waiting for.WPOZ is FCC authorized from 2008 and this station has so many substations like WMYZ, WDOZ, WHYZ etc.before WPOZ’s upgradation it was unable to serve most of the area of Orlando. This radio station has started to influence people and increases its listeners.

⦁ Christian Rock.


WUCF is one of the top radio stations of Orlando.this radio station broadcasts its channel from central Florida. The frequency level of WUCF is 89.9 MHz

The main campus of UCF it broadcast its channel since the 1990s. The most popular slogan of this channel is “Jazz and more”. The substations of this channel were also gaining much popularity for its consistency and creativity which was named WUCF-TV.

⦁ Metro centre outlook
⦁ Smokestack Lightnin
⦁ Global perspectives 


WCFB is one of the top powerful radio channels in Florida. This channel is fully packed with 24/7 hit shows which engage the audience for years. The frequency rate of this channel is 94.5 MHz which is absolutely stunning. The slogan of WCFB is very popular in the county “Todays R&B and throwbacks.

In 1947, the subchannel started by the name of WNDB-FM. Since then, this channel goes through with lots of struggles and today it is known to all as WCFB. Cox media group is the owner of this channel and there were many previous stations broadcast the channel from its better future.

⦁ Tom Joyner Morning show.
⦁ The Steve Harvey Morning Show. 


WTLN is another powerful radio station in Orlando. WTLN’s frequency level is 990 kHz. This radio channel is full of hit shows which actually take this station in this position today. 

In 1947, WTLN is one of the best radio station channels. This channel is first signed by WHOO. This channel started to get reviews and built up their connections by gathering the local listener. The oldest name of this channel is WBZW and WORL.

⦁ The Music of Your Life.
⦁ Stardust


WPYO is the most powerful radio station of Orland. Florida. The slogan of this radio channel is “Orlando’s new #1 for all the hits”. The frequency level of WPYO is 95.3 MHz

The station was previously named WTLN-FM which was bought by the Cox enterprises .it turns to hip hop music and since 2004 it started to rhythmic contemporary. 

⦁ Hip Hop Music 
⦁ Alternative rock 

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