Top Most Raleigh Radio Stations

The Raleigh Radio Stations have over 20 channels that present various commercial and public listener programs. From classical music to classic rock music, these channels attract all the listeners across various age groups.


WRAL-FM is availed to the people living in Raleigh, at 101.5 MHz frequency. The station is also known as the MIX 101.5. The slogan for this station is ‘The Variety That Makes You Feel Good’ and during the Christmas season it is known as ‘The Triangle’s Christmas Station’. The owner of this station is the Capitol Broadcasting Company. It is not only famous for providing music and concerts on the air, but also in community involvement. The radio station in April 2009 won the prestigious ‘Crystal Award’ from the National Association of Broadcasters for its honor in involvement in various social activities for the community.
On the 6th of September, 1946 WRAL-FM aired its first show. 
Popular shows
⦁ Two Men and a Mom
⦁ Cornerstone Christian Music
⦁ Financial Safari
Popular artists
⦁ Diane Ramsey
⦁ Jim Kelly
⦁ Dough Miller


WKNC-FM is availed to the people living in Raleigh at 88.1MHz and is one of the famous Raleigh Radio stations. The station is owned by North Carolina State University, and operated by the department of Student Media. Covering across all music genres, the WKNC also airs various specialty shows. 
Since 9th October 1966, WKNC has been producing shows on the air for the listeners. 
Popular shows
⦁ Mystery Roach
⦁ Geet Bazar
⦁ Soul
⦁ R&B
Popular artists
⦁ Cliff Jenkins
⦁ Pat Junior
⦁ Travis
⦁ Elise


WRKV is availed to the people living in Raleigh at 88.9 MHz frequency. Owned by the Educational Media Foundation, the programs are more related to Contemporary Christian music. ‘Positive Encouraging’ is the slogan for this radio station. The radio station is more focused on religion.
In 1968, the channel aired its first musical show for its listeners. 
Popular shows
⦁ Bible Bedtime Stories with The Skit Guys
⦁ Balancing your Spiritual Self
⦁ 1 Minute of Encouragement
⦁ Never Miss a Beat!
Popular artists
⦁ Tommy Woodard
⦁ Eddie James
⦁ Pastor Jeff


WCPE is availed to the people living in Raleigh at 89.7 MHz. frequency. The channel is more focused on Classical music. The channel is owned by the Educational Information Corp. The classical music enriches the cultural climate across the city. The importance of classical music is published in the Quarter Notes (a magazine) four times in a year. The magazine provides various information related to classical composers and musicians. Also, the upcoming information on the music events is published in this magazine.
In 1978, WCPE aired its first show in Raleigh city.
Popular shows
⦁ Conversations with Conductors?
⦁ Sleepers, Awake!
⦁ Rise and Shine
⦁ Classical Café
popular artists
⦁ Finnish RSO
⦁ Saraste
⦁ Radu Lupu
⦁ Richard Goode           
⦁ John Williams


WQDR-FM is availed to the people living in Raleigh, at 94.7 MHz frequency. The slogan for this channel is ‘Today’s Best Country’. The station is owned by Curtis Media Group. The radio station is famous for its rock music. WQDR was honored with the Country Music Association in 2011 for being the largest market station. 
Since August 1949 WQDR has been airing its musical shows in Raleigh. 
Popular shows
⦁ The Q Morning Crew
⦁ The One Man Party
Popular Artists
⦁ Heather Green
⦁ Janie Carothers
⦁ Marty


WBBB is availed to the people living in Raleigh at 96.1 MHz frequency. With the slogan ‘Your Life Your Music’ the station is owned by Curtis Media Group. The channel is known for its adult contemporary songs. 
WBBB aired its first adult hit songs in the year 1949. 
Popular shows
⦁ Saturday Night Fever
⦁ Wild Side
Popular Artists
⦁ Pearl Jam
⦁ Shawn Colvi
⦁ John Hiatt
⦁ The Breeders


WPTF is availed to the people living in Research Triangle at 680 kHz frequency. The channel is all about the latest burning issues like gun rights, coronavirus, slipping financial conditions debated by the esteemed hosts. The Curtis Enterprises runs the channel that hosts talk shows, news, and the weather forecast on a daily basis. 
In 1924. The channel aired its first show to the people of Raleigh.  
Popular shows
⦁ The Dana Show
⦁ Triangle’s Noon News with Bruce Ferrell
⦁ Red Eye Radio
⦁ Money matters
Popular artists
⦁ Clark Howard
⦁ Bruce Ferrel
⦁ Tom Kearney


WTKK is availed to the people living in Raleigh, Durham, and Research Triangle at 106.1 MHz frequency. The Channel hosts mainly a discussion about the urgent topics pertaining to the United States like radicalism, unemployment, or unlawful migration along with other guests, adding humor occasionally.
In 1961, the channel aired its first radio show to the locals of Raleigh. 
Popular shows
⦁ The Sean Hannity Show
⦁ The Dave Ramsey Show
⦁ KC O Dea Show
⦁ This morning with Gordon Deal
Popular artists
⦁ Glenn Beck
⦁ Rush Limbaugh


WNCB is availed to the people living in Durham, Research Triangle, and Raleigh at 93.9MHz frequency. The rustic, black and white, cowboy based songs of Elvis Presley, Ernest Tubb, Kitty Wells, George Jones, and John Denver are played day in day out for the fans. The station is famously maintained by the iHeart enterprises which is the most loved channel for its country melody. 
In February 1947, the channel aired the first-ever show for the people of Raleigh. 
Popular shows
⦁ Jessica
⦁ The Eddie Fox Show
⦁ Carson
Popular artists
⦁ Bobby Bones
⦁ CMT Cody Alan


WPTK is availed to the people living in Durham, Raleigh, and Research Triangle at 850 kHz frequency. The good bygone day’s modest melodies of Frank Sinatra, Gene Pitney, and Dionne Warwick shape the playlists that are like honey in the ears. 
In 1947, the channel aired its first show the Raleigh listeners. 
Popular shows
⦁ On the Beach
⦁ Bandstand
Popular artists
⦁ Doug Austin
⦁ Charlie Brown

With popular shows in this channel, the Raleigh radio stations attract various fans across Raleigh. The station has various channels across all genres and is considered to be the man’s best friend. The weekend and weekly shows on-air are accessible which include shows from classical music to rock music.

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