Top 10 Texas Radio Stations

Texas radio stations have vibrant radio networks across the state, to satisfy the entertainment palate of its fervent residents. While you drive you can catch up with either the latest Cardi B song, or get the feel of the sports fever at the tap of the radio button. FM channels RJ’s are so contagious in their hosting their shows like Top 40 songs, that one can rarely have a boring instant. 


KLIF is one of the prominent Texas radio stations’ that is availed by the people living in Dallas at 570 MHz frequency. Its studio is located in Texas and is maintained by the celebrated Cumulus firm. The channel is eminent for hosting the talk shows about government, investment and sports with the renowned guests.
· KLIF aired it’s first-ever show in June 1922.
Popular Artists
⦁ Mike Huckabee show
⦁ The Dave Ramsey show
Popular Shows
⦁ David Gold
⦁ Kevin McCarthy


KSKY is availed to the people living in Dallas at 660 kHz. The slogan of the radio station is breaking News and Stimulating Talk, and it’s owned by the famous Salem Company. The listeners hang onto the channel due to its interesting bits of updates on politics, finance offered by the well-known hosts. 
· The first show by the network was aired in September 1941.
Popular Artist
⦁ Sean Hannity
⦁ Dennis Prager
Popular Show
⦁ Sean Hannity Show
⦁ The Dennis Prager show
⦁ Mark Davis Show


KFWR is availed to the people living in Stephenville and Granbury at 95.9 the ranch. The studio is located in Jacksboro and is owned by LKCM Company. The radio station is famous for playing the local Texas kind of music that is regional and expresses optimistically the wishes and tussles of the Texas people have gone through. 
· The network was able to present its first show in 1970.
Popular artists
⦁ Malone
⦁ Heather
Popular show
⦁ Malone midday show
⦁ Heather morning show


KSCS is availed to the people living in Dallas at 96.3 MHz. Due to the lively way of presentation of the sweet folk and local music, it’s one of the celebrated stations in Texas. Seeing its admiration, the station is owned by Cumulus Company.  
· The radio station began its first show on air in 1949.
Popular artists
⦁ Mark Hawkeye Louis
⦁ Connected K
Popular shows
· Hawkeye in the morning


KHKS is availed by the people living in the urban city of Dallas at 106.1 MHz. With the rising demand for the latest English singles of the artists like Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Kate Perry, KHKS came with the idea of playing the most loved songs for its ardent listeners. The famous iHeart company proudly owns the station, for many years in Texas. 
· The first and foremost track that played on this channel was in 1948
Popular artist
⦁ Priscilla
⦁ Raven
Popular show
⦁ The Kidd Kraddick Morning show
⦁ iHeart radio countdown


KLBJ is availed by the people living in Austin, at 590 kHz. Having esteemed hosts on its show like Limbaugh, and sexton the channel has gained a lot of talk in the city of Austin. The channel hosts shows, news updates with a lot of fervor, due to which it got the ownership of Fox News radio group.
· The channel was ready to start its news and talk shows from the year 1939.
Popular shows
⦁ The Rush Limbaugh Show
⦁ Buck sexton show
⦁ America in the morning
Popular artists
⦁ Rush Hudson Limbaugh
⦁ Buck Sexton
⦁ Clyde Lewis


KRLD is availed by the people living in Dallas at 1089 kHz frequency. People of Dallas are fortunate to have Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard presenting the news updates and conducting the talk shows. With its popularity and the credibility in providing the reality of the world via news it got the ownership of great Entercom.
· KRLD was able to fly when its first show emanated in 1926. 
Popular show
⦁ The Dave Ramsey Show
⦁ Clark Howard Show
⦁ America in the morning
Popular artists
⦁ Clark Howard
⦁ Kim Komando
⦁ Dave Ramsey


KTCK is availed to the people living in Dallas at 1310 kHz frequency. The show has celebrated personalities like Greg Williams and Craig Miller who share the game bulletin updates with a lot of passion. The highly popular KTCK is owned by the honored Cumulus group in Texas. 
· In 1922, the sports enthusiasts started the KTCK with an intention to share the interesting updates.
Popular shows
⦁ Hardline
⦁ Beatdown
⦁ Throwdown
⦁ Ticket Weekend Show
Popular artists
⦁ Michele Mike Rhyner
⦁ Kevin Scott
⦁ Leila Rahimi


KKDA is availed to the people living Dallas, at 104.5 MHz. frequency. The Gen Z loves songs that are playful and sets their attitude rocking early mornings or late nights. KKDA offers songs and tunes from artists like Rihanna, Akon, Florida and Cardi B. 
· The listeners got a flavor of the KKDA FM in 1947 when it was called KIXL.

Popular shows
⦁ Skip Murphy and the Home Team
⦁ Tom Joyner morning show
Popular Hosts
⦁ De De Mc Guire
⦁ Tom Joyner
⦁ Thomas Chetanam


KAAM is availed to the people living in Dallas, at 770 kHz frequency. Occasionally all of us feel the need of God, correct direction and some positive affirmations, when we are low. KAAM hosts spiritual and moral teachings from the Bible through its shows, that one can feel there is God with us. 
· In 1978, KAAM was able to operate and produce its shows for the listeners. 
Popular shows
⦁ The AM show
⦁ Afternoon Drives
⦁ Middays 
Popular artists                                       
⦁ Jack Davis
⦁ Mark Rivers
⦁ Julie De Harty

Grab the nearest ear pods on your table to listen to the latest Shawn Mendes song by tuning into one of the Texas radio stations. You can’t deny the fact that FM’s can be addictive especially if you are music bug trapped in the invisible chains of dreariness. Music is like morphine for the pained hearts and dull minds, and who knows it better than the RJ’s. So before going to sleep, don’t allow the mind to rest without listening to the curated playlist on the radio waves.

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