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The great Watertown is closely connected with one county, one city, and one state. People may think about how it is possible? Yes, it is possible to Watertown because it is one of the cities in the county named Middlesex, in the state of Massachusetts, and also the part of Greater Boston. The population was not much lofty, as per the census record of the year 2010, there were nearly thirty-one thousand people were inhabited. This Watertown was one of the major manufacturing communities and as the proof; there is an oldest running paper mill still in the nation and working too. Other than this, it was much famous for shopping and having live-music even in the streets by the local talented people. To explore their music knowledge to the city, the Watertown radio stations having a great part of contributions.

The records of radio stations and famous frequencies of Watertown

The Watertown has come over a long journey to attain the first program in the first broadcasting in the year 1940. They didn’t have any separate place as a studio to broadcast which for just a one hour show for a week. Watertown is in the county of Middlesex, which too has a huge black side of sufferings for a building like a studio. They also strived a lot to broadcast their single program which was recorded on Friday night in the hospital site and it was broadcasted for the next morning to the patients. But now, they have been broadcasting for every day of the years that too twenty-four hours. From 1967, they have dreamed about to broadcast live performances. That was a great time to got a room of one’s in the hospital which was very helpful to them to do the live-performances. The show ‘Needle Talk’ was their first show for the patients. There are even more great stepping stones for the entertainment sessions in the radio broadcasting of Middlesex County which was the great supporters for the Watertown radio broadcastings. The contribution of radio stations is not only for the money-mined one but also for the recovery purpose of the patients, to rid of the inferior emotions and so on. The city Watertown is the small city while comparing to Middlesex, but it was overall reached to the people through their first radio station KWAT which was started its career in 1940 with a format of talk shows and news channel effects to the people. Now they nearly ten stations for FM and for AM they have three stations.

The top-listed radio stations in the Watertown city

Watertown city is a beautiful and compact city for the people because there are a small number of people inhabits to date. So there are only a few radio stations for the people for both FM stations and AM stations. Here, we are going enlist the famous stations by rating wise.

The foremost station is WCIZ- 93.3 FM which was branded as Z93 with the slogan of Northern New York’s Original home for the classical hits and music. The first air of this station was in 1986 which is the time of classic hits format. It has worked with the power of 6000 watts, this station is different from the other stations which were plays the pop, jazz and dancing artists for their studios. In the initial time, they have started with classic rock but after that, they have changed it to classic hits format for the station. The famous DJs are Jay Donovan, Joe Munroe, and Dianne Chase and the famous host is Jeff Shannon.

The second station is called WFRY- 97.5 FM which is the commercial one that was started in 1968 in the name of WOTT-FM and it also supports WOTT AM 1410. All these two were produced by the production team of RBG with the power of 39000 watts. The slogan of the country was the best and most country and it was branded as Froggy 97. But it is exceeding the power of 97000 watts. It has the sister stations they are WCIZ, WTNY, and WNER. The best DJs of this station were Webb Foot, James Pond, and Annie Croakly all of them based in the morning, midday, and noon. As in its slogan, it focuses on the country music and hits.

The next station is one of adult contemporary radio stations especially for music, named WTOJ- 103.1 FM which was branded in the name of Magic 103.1 FM with the slogan of the North Country’s best mix with 1800 watts. It was first aired in 1983, for the people of Carthage which was in New York but the broadcasted area was Watertown. The famous hosts of this station are John Tesh, Delilah, Ken Martin, and Ally Payne. The syndicated programs for the weekends like the 80’s & 70’s songs and Retro Pop Reunion shows. The entire station’s focus was on the music/hits of the ’80s, 90’s and 2000s.

The fourth station is WOTT- 94.1 FM which was the station started in 2007 which is actually for the active rock music and that is why they have branded as the name of 94 Rock with the slogan of the only station that rocks and the format of rock active in the effective power of 21500 watts. It was organized in the name of WLKC which has followed the format of classic rock and frequency of 100.7 with 6000 watts power after that it turned into 94.1 and named WOTT. There are some guests DJs were visited in this station and so they have suggested changing this 100.7 for the station of WEFX branded as The Fox.

The next station in the list is WRVJ- 91.7 FM which is owned by New York’s state university which is in the city of Watertown. The format of the station was public radio so they have broadcasted the news from the public and country with the power of 1600 watts for the vertical side and 50000 watts for the horizontal side of power. It was simultaneously focused on the WRVO station which is the Oswego area of the station. It was a small one but it has some sister stations such as WRVN, WRVD, WRVH, and WSUC- 90.5 FM. The interesting note in the call sign meaning of the station name is WRV Jefferson.


The Watertown radio stations were a great source of amusement to the limited level of people while comparing to other cities. But the frequency-wise these all are the top stations which were the reason to enrich some sort of development in the radio industry in the city of Watertown.

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