25 MS Excel Shortcuts You Must Know Before Using It! | Infographic

Microsoft Excel is one of the best of the bests creation by Microsoft. It made the accountant’s life easier and made the whole mathematical and administrative workloads minimum. You can now run a Macro on Excel and it will do everything automatically. Besides, you want to calculate a math? need a invoice? or a balance […]

15 Reasons of Why You Should Stay Single Forever! – Infographic

Single or Double? It varies. Some like staying single forever and some feel lonely to stay single. Though staying single has some basic disadvantages like lack of sharing, security and critical financial times; there are some advantages and strong reasons of why you should stay single in this planet earth. Check the infographic below and […]

6 Steps To Get Rid of Laziness & Procrastination | Infographic

Laziness and procrastination is the killer of creativity, focus and goal. Once you start procrastinate; everything will be undone at the end of the day. Days after days you will find yourself doing unimportant stuffs and extra-entertaining jobs that has nothing to do with your goal and dream. In this infographic; I have curated 6 […]

Best Places For Camping in USA | Infographic

This infographic is based on the best places of USA for the camping and trailing enthusiasts. Here you go: Here is the list of best places for camping in United States of America:  OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK, WASHINGTON : Lots of places for camping and hiking. Great for group camping and invidual camping is not recommended. . […]

Best Tennis Players To Remember on Each Decades | Infographic

List of top and legendary tennis players of each decades since the tennis being popular in all over the world. Here is the infographie to check: Here is the list of All Tennis Players on their own decades in text format:  1930: Helen Wills Moody 1940: Margaret Osborne DuPont 1950: Maureen Connolly 1960: Margaret Court 1970: Bjorn Borg 1980: Martina Navratilova […]

Personal Life of Donald Trump | Infographic

Donald Trump’s life at a glance on this infographic. Just scan and know when and what happened on his colorful, controversial and gorgeious life. Donald Trump’s Personal Life at a glance in Text Format: Donald Trump is the 45th president of USA. Born June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York City. 1977: Trump Married his first wife Ivana […]